Captivate your clients with a series of engaging client-ready presentations. Choose from the topics below to get started.

QoL Portfolio

Highlight the value of QoL products in helping clients prepare for life’s unexpected events.

Plan for 100

Help clients prepare for the new longevity by discussing financial options so they can live a comfortable 30+ years in retirement.

College Funding Options

Discuss college funding options and financial strategies to help clients and their children start on the right path.

Social Security Savvy

Maximize client’s social security lifetime benefits with simple strategies.

Estate Planning

Review ways to maximize legacies while fulfilling the decedent’s wishes.

Long Term Care and Chronic Illness Needs

All States except CA | CA Only
Make smart choices and plan early using life insurance when it comes to preparing for unexpected illnesses and long-term care needs.

Business Series

Addressing Common Business Blunders

Address and avoid common mistakes that can hurt a client’s business and ruin their retirement.

Executive Bonus

Review Executive Bonus Arrangements and discuss why they are effective at rewarding key employees and maintaining loyalty.

Key Person Insurance

Explore the importance of Key Person Insurance in protecting a company’s financial success.

Business Continuation Plan

Show clients the importance of a business continuation plan to help them with a smooth exit in their business.