New Beginnings

No matter what generation your client was born into, change is always just around the corner. Change can be positive, like a first job or a new degree. Other times, unexpected changes like being laid off or getting a divorce can undermine even the best laid plans. Whatever new beginning life may have in store, life insurance can provide both protection for loved ones and access to cash while the policy holder is living.

New Beginnings Happen at Any Age

New to the workforce and just beginning to gain financial power, millennials are constantly in the midst of new beginnings, including new homes, new jobs, and new families.

Generation X
Now middle-aged, Generation X face a range of new beginnings, including careers, changes in relationship status, and a growing family life — supporting children or even elderly parents.

Baby Boomers
Although they’ve lived the longest, Baby Boomers are still experiencing new beginnings like new homes, new marriages, and even new children.

Generation Station

Get your clients off to the right start with life solutions targeted to their situation and generation.

Generation Station

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