4.1 Analysis & REVEAL the Plan

The next stage in the sales development process is the REVEAL of recommendations. If a client wants a different (and better) outcome than they have either achieved so far or are on the trajectory to achieve, then they have to do something different. The analysis of that trajectory will take place and the buy in of other advisors will be welcomed as a collaborative effort, all to benefit the client.

Words to Motivate Client to REVEAL

  • Do Something Different to Get a Different Result

Analysis Discloses and Exposes Shortfalls

“Other” Advisors Collaboration and Buy-in

Analysis REVEALS Set of Recommendations

  • Depending Upon Client's Prioritization
  • Depending Upon Client's Urgency

Determination of Timeline

4.2 Closing the Client to Take Action

Nothing happens until the client takes action or changes their behavior. It is necessary to have the client fully engaged at this point and appropriately motivated to take the next step for better results. One common barrier to this action is, not knowing how to pay for it. The student will learn how to reallocate their economy and allocate yet-to-be-earned money to their future. A heuristic planning model will be introduced as a tool to discover a logical conclusion.

Client Chooses to Buy

  • Words to Motivate Client to do Something Different
  • Embrace the Opportunity

Assist Client in Finding the Money

Illustrate & Demonstrate the Possibilities

Client Must Take Action

  • Create, Elevate & Capture Value
  • Identify Unknown Strengths
  • Recommend Game Plan
  • K.A.S.T.

4.3 Living and Maintaining the Plan

Any planning that ends up with actionable steps is based on the goals and aspirations of the client at the time of planning. Further, it also makes assumptions based on the current economy, tax climate and other factors. As time elapses, the world tends to change and the client's goals tend to respond to a dynamic life. Therefore, regularly scheduled maintenance must be performed on the funding vehicles being used to attain those goals. What was the best solution in the past many not maintain is relevance in the future. Also, this interaction allows the implementation of delayed actions and strategies as well.

Products and Plan Require Ongoing Attention

  • Client's Needs & Aspirations Change Over Time
  • The World and its Influences Change Over Time
  • Influences on Solution May No Longer Enable it to “Do What the Client Expects”
  • Delayed or Deferred Actions are Implemented

Minimum Annual Maintenance

  • Product Viability
  • Goals & Aspiration Review
  • Determine Action to Maintain Viability

4.4 Moving on to Next Priority Area of Planning

Planning is a life-long exercise as circumstances and goals change over time. Earlier, we took the client through a prioritization exercise where they determined the most important areas that needed immediate attention. The other items on the list also held importance and it is not time to address those issues. One such method of funding these deferred priorities is to use the resources from unfolding future events and course changes.

Exercise Pre-planned Commitments & Transactions

  • Resulting from Unfolding Events
       - Pay raises
       - Future opportunities not yet realized
       - Cessation of payments
  • Resulting from Course Changes

4.5 Referrals and Introductions

The planning process continues to be ongoing, but we have reached the completion of an important state. Now, it is crucial for you to engage your client in your ongoing effort to warm up your target market. This innovative referral session does not require your client to offer up any names. Rather, it simply asks them to recognize their relationships with peer members you have already identified in the target market.

  • Give Referrals
  • Present Market Prospects List in Same Industry
  • Present Market Prospect List in Other Target Industries
  • Obtain Common Relationship Data